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​​​​​​​​​Harman 10bet casino bonusInternational Industries, Inc. (“Harman) or any Harman employee does not accept and will not consider or review any unsolicited ideas, designs, inventions, drawings, marketing plans, photographs, artwork, suggestions for new products or technologies, or similar proposals.

Furthermore, Harman does not accept confidential information.  Please do not submit confidential information to Harman or any Harman employee. 

ANY SUBMISSION RECEIVED BY HARMAN WILL NOT BE RECEIVED IN CONFIDENCE, NOR WILL SUCH ESTABLISH ANY KIND OF RELATIONSHIP WITH HARMAN.  To be clear, each and every unsolicited submission sent to Harman will be treated as non-confidential and non-proprietary in each instance.

Please note that by submitting new product ideas, provisional patent applications, pending patent applications and/or 10bet app downloadgranted patents to Harman in no way creates any obligation on the part of Harman and Harman does not consider such confidential.  Any submission is voluntary and without restriction, and Harman assumes that it is free to use the information provided in any way or not at all. 

Harman suggests consulting a licensed patent lawyer before submitting any idea to any company. ​